World Citizen Artists, along with the Bob Marley Foundation, The Gandhi Foundation, Belgravia Gallery, Playing for Change, Fat Freddy's Drop, Emmanuel Jal, Lisa Kristine, Tim Page and Nomfusi, organized the second worldwide World Citizen Artists Awards initiative ‘Compete for Peace – Not War’.

 Watch the video below to find out the Music results.




Spread Some Love

Peace has always been one of my highest values. When I’m at Peace, I feel happy and free within myself to bring true happiness to everyone. Peace within ourselves comes when we care for the well-being of others. That will bring unity among our people. I use my music to communicate social justice and equal rights for all nations on this earth, to promote Peace and love. It’s all about the message in the music.

My music is uplifting, educational, and has inspirational themes and stories. The messages are drawn from my personal experiences as well as others that have been shared with me. I communicate the messages to my audience to help this world be a safer place and to overcome any obstacles that we all face in everyday living.

I wrote ‘Spread Some Love’ to promote Peace and love to the people of the world, to educate listeners about what is occurring now with all this gun violence and how it affects all of our citizens and especially children. The song encourages people to show some love by caring, sharing, and creating a peaceful environment for the children of today.

This song is for all those who can say and exemplify in their communities that love is the answer, and love is the only way for the world to live in Peace and harmony. We need to think about the children of today growing up in this world that we have created. The children follow and learn what they see and what they are being taught. It’s time now that our people wake up and build a brighter future for us all.





Boomerang is a large, floor-sized installation created from ammunition shells. The shells, which seem to go on forever, provide the imagery that global military expenses amount to vast sums of money spent on war (more than $1.6 trillion as of 2016). It is no secret that the arms industry very often sells to countries and groups that are at war, and war affects all who are involved. Through Boomerang, I am depicting my belief that what we sow, we shall reap, and that as a general rule the boomerang of armament comes full circle.

Each of the 2,010 ammunition shells in Boomerang is an example of how separate, little things combine to make a whole. If we each do something small to make a difference, those differences will add up and create an expanding wave of change that can create positive outcomes for humanity. For a long time, I was concerned and sad about wars and their results. I had many sleepless nights thinking about how people could make such devices that destroy other people. Using art, I began to deal with these feelings. By collecting ammunition shells, studying them, and creating Boomerang, we have a symbolic visual representation of how the ammunition industry affects humanity.

My artwork expresses my life’s experiences and the hope for a brighter future. As a young child, I fled on foot across the Himalayas with my family from my war-torn country, seeking Peace and safety. Now, as an adult and an artist, I share a message of Peace through abstract art that evokes emotion and tells stories about the World around us.