Q: What are the ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’?

A: The ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’ pay tribute to artists, musicians and creatives 

World Citizen Artists regularly selects Awardees whom we have either noticed or have been recommended to us by our audience. These Awardees are artists, musicians and creatives who have already made a real humanitarian difference in the World through their work. 

Occasionally, we organise competitions through which artists, musicians and creatives have an opportunity to become Awardees by demonstrating the humanitarian impact they are creating through their work.

Q: Are the ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’ related to ‘World Citizen Artists’?

A: World Citizen Artists is the non profit organisation and community and the World Citizen Artists Awards is the online channel and the organisers of the competitions.

Q: How can I suggest an Award Nominee for consideration?

A: Anyone is welcome to suggest someone to be nominated for an Award. Feel free to nominate any artist, musician or creative whom you believe is making a significant humanitarian impact through his/her work. 

Click here to nominate. (Please note that we cannot respond to every nomination, and we thank you for your suggestions).
Please click here to nominate. (Please note that we cannot respond to every nomination, but we thank you for your suggestions).

Q: Do I have to know personally the artist, musician or creative I suggest?

A: No, you do not have to know him/her.

Q: Do I have to provide the direct details of the artist, musician or creative I suggest?

A: No, you do not. however, any further information you provide makes it easier for us to contact him/her. 

Q: Can I suggest a nominee several times?

A: You can suggest a nominee only once. You may nominate others, of course – we ask that you fill in separate forms for each nominee in order to help us keep everything organised.

Q: How will I know if the nominee I have suggested has won an Award?

A: Please simply subscribe to our Awards mailing list using the form below (also found on the Awards Suggestions page). We will announce all Awardees to this list by email.

Q: Can I suggest a nominee for the competitions ‘Compete for Peace – not War’?

A: No, artists, musicians and creatives must apply directly by responding to our Artist Calls. The works are then voted on by a selected jury.

Q: When will you have a new competition?

A: We’re currently working on a new ‘Compete for Peace -Not War’ which will launch in September 2017, and you will be notified by newsletter in due time. Don’t forget to enter your details below so we can keep you informed on the Awards and future competitions!

Q: Are there other competitions?

A: Yes, there is also the ONE FOR ALL Competition launched in 2016. Watch out for the results on December 23rd!

Q: Can partners, artists featured in Artist Voices, and Members apply?

A: Partners can apply as long as they’re not partnering with us on the competition for which they want to apply. Artists featured in Artist Voices and Members can apply for every competition.

Please contact info@worldcitizenartists.org for further queries.