World Citizen Artists agree to abide by the principles below and report any breach of them to help protect the reputation and work of World Citizen Artists and our community. We reserve the right to exclude from our community, competitions and events anyone we feel breaches our Ethos or breaks its spirit either directly or through association. Decisions on exclusion rest entirely at the discretion of World Citizen Artists.

  1. World Citizen Artists participate in WCA to assist and promote WCA’s Aim and Mission.​
  2. World Citizen Artists treat each other with respect, decency and honesty.
  3. World Citizen Artists refute violence, racism, nationalism, ethnic or national discrimination or aggrandisement, religious proselytising, gender discrimination and any form of intolerance. We therefore engage in trans-national discussions that do not single out specific nations, religions or cultures.
  4. World Citizen Artists engage with WCA for public interest and non commercial purposes.
  5. World Citizen Artists engage in solidarity not self promotion inside WCA.